SEO Price in Singapore: What to Expect and How to Save Cost

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It’s rather amusing how SEO pricing in Singapore goes. Business owners tend to react in shock on receiving a quotation, either from a superficially high or ridiculously low price.

You may get a basic package from a freelancer for $200 to $500 per month, which might seem a good deal. But getting a good freelancer with adequate knowledge and tools for search engine optimisation is quite challenging.

For valuable SEO services, you may outsource from a professional SEO agency where basic SEO packages range from a monthly rate of $500 to $2000, and comprehensive packages can go beyond $4000.

Ranking on the first pages on search engines is critical, and the right SEO strategy sets the foundation.

Did you know that around 92% of Google clicks are on the first page? Only 0.78% of clicks and searcher view goes to other pages.

Here you’ll learn what to expect from SEO pricing Singapore and how to make the most of your budget without compromising on outsourcing the best SEO services.

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How Much Does SEO Cost in Singapore?

Since SEO services are key to gaining organic traffic, any business owner will need the help of an SEO consultant to plan and implement effective SEO campaigns. But what’s the cost of SEO in Singapore?

SEO pricing in Singapore varies widely depending on various factors, including the SEO you talk to. Though it may sound cliché, the answer to how much SEO cost in Singapore is “it depends”.

Every SEO agency has its way of formulating their SEO pricing Singapore. This can be based on their strategies and experience, or the project requirements. Generally, SEO cost in Singapore fluctuates from $500 to $2,000 per month.

An SEO consultant may tend to have a lower quotation. But keep in mind that SEO consultants are typically freelancers likely to operate in a team of one or 2 two persons. While their SEO pricing is attractive, you can’t be sure if them producing desired results.

Should You Go For Cheap SEO Services?

When seeking SEO services in Singapore – whether from an SEO company or other SEO specialists, it’s always good not to jump into a contract just because it’s cheap.

It’s better to spend over $2000 and grow your business than spend $200 and get no results. You’ll only be wasting hard-earned money.

Not all SEO packages can offer desired SEO results. Some are dubious and often fail to put in the effort needed to grow your organic traffic, particularly those whose pricing is well below the standard marketing rates.

Will You Only Get Good Results With An Expensive SEO Package?

Saying that low-priced SEO services may not meet the expectations doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go for the most expensive deal to get good results.

It’s only a suggestion and SEO pricing in Singapore shouldn’t be the sole factor in your decision. You’ll need to understand how the SEO agency or consultant formulates their SEO pricing.

A certain extent of SEO work should be done to gain better rankings, and the SEO pricing will suggest the necessary tasks are covered.

Every step taken in formulating all digital marketing campaigns impacts your business, so you can’t afford to let the pricing factor lead you to make an error when determining where to outsource SEO services.

Remember, your competitors also trying to rank higher and retain the upper hand.

Why Are SEO Services Charged Monthly?

Being on the first page of a relevant keyword search is a definite result that everyone agrees on in SEO. And since they’re just ten spots on the first page, SEO becomes like an ongoing and never-ending race.

SEO services are charged monthly owing to the constant effort to preserve and strengthen web pages authority and to prevent competitors from catching up.

If your competitors ever overtake you in their SEO efforts, your search results will be pushed down. Furthermore, Google search engine regularly changes the search engine algorithms, prioritizing certain factors on search engine rankings and refuting others.

Algorithmic changes frequently happen, leaving even the experts freaking out and comparing notes to find out what is coming about.

Factors That Affect the Cost of SEO

There has been a tremendous growing awareness among businesses in Singapore on the importance of SEO.

Every business with an online presence relies on visibility and better rankings to build a brand and attract more clients, which requires a consistent and strategic digital marketing strategy.

Conversely, you may have noticed that SEO services pricing in Singapore is significantly increasing.

This may be frustrating, mainly because it doesn’t appear like there’re new changes in the digital marketing industry.

But suppose you keenly evaluate the factors affecting the SEO services cost in Singapore. In that case, you’ll realize that the changes make sense, considering that Google search engine algorithms regularly change how it works.

Here’re some factors that affect SEO costs.

Number of Targeted Keywords

You’ll notice an upturn in cost when targeting many different keywords in your SEO campaign. Targeting five keywords takes less time and effort from a Singapore SEO agency than targeting 50 keywords. 

The amount of SEO work done increases with more keywords, and so does the SEO pricing in Singapore.

Some keywords are easier to work on, and their pricing is a bit easier. But keywords in niches such as finance and medicine require more complicated work as Google has a stricter algorithm for them.

While most SEO companies charge by keywords, others charge by keyword themes, i.e. a group of related keywords.

Expertise Level Needed For Your Site

If you need advanced search engine optimisation techniques to attain better results, paying more for such digital marketing services is a great idea.

But the SEO pricing in Singapore shouldn’t go overboard if you just need a basic SEO package like keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building.

Type of Business

SEO pricing in Singapore differs depending on the type of business. For a local business, the SEO strategy revolves around the local SEO in Singapore; it’s about getting organic traffic from location-based searches.

This differs from enterprise SEO services, which require a more comprehensive implementation approach. These differences ultimately influence the SEO pricing in Singapore.

Your products and services also affect SEO pricing. The more the products, the more keywords you need to rank on the first page of the Google search engine results page, and the more you’ll pay.

New Domain

Since a newly bought business domain doesn’t gain as much trust on Google as the established ones, more work needs to be done to increase its authoritativeness and trust and on the search engine.

Therefore, you’ll need to invest more bucks in SEO services.

The Experience of the SEO Agency

Experienced SEO companies have higher SEO pricing in Singapore. Besides, they have better SEO packages, and you’ll get better search engine rankings compared to start-up SEO companies.

A professional SEO agency will first do a site audit, suggest the improvements and changes needed, suggest services that can improve your website’s search engine results page ranking, and then issue a quote on their SEO cost.

The SEO agency may also provide inbound marketing techniques like content creation, improving organic presence, video tutorials, and more.

However, not all SEO packages cover these services. It’s up to you to decide on the packages depending on your SEO marketing budget.

Preferably, you can start with basic services like on-page optimisation, content creation, and link building. Then later, you can move to complex SEO services if your marketing budget allows it.

Industry Competitiveness

Organic ranking becomes pretty easier if you’re up against a few competitors.

SEO pricing in Singapore increases if your niche is in a competitive industry such as fashion, finance, technology, and food. It takes more SEO effort for search engine rankings in such industries.

Regarding foods-related keywords, publishers or digital marketing sites often monopolize them. You’ll likely find sites like Tripadvisor and private blog networks instead of the restaurant’s sites.

Dental Keywords are moderately competitive, as indicated by the keyword difficulty. Hence, you may also need to increase the credibility of your website, which could mean getting more backlinks. On-page SEO is also a requirement for any chance of first-page ranking.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO entails search engine optimisation that focuses more on the website’s structure on things like the robots.txt file, XML sitemap, and URL structure.

You could save much on the cost of SEO services if you have a web developer who can take care of these details. Otherwise, the SEO pricing will include the implementation of the technical SEO on your website.

Link building Outreach

Link building is an essential aspect of off-page SEO that’s basically about getting backlinks from authoritative and relevant sites.

The SEO agency may need to focus more on link building, especially if your site lacks more backlinks.

The outreach efforts, including content creation, guest-posting, and local citations, require a certain amount of marketing budget, which you should discuss with your SEO company.

Past SEO Work

If your website has already been optimized with relevant SEO practices, your SEO pricing in Singapore excludes specific optimizations and practices.

However, if the implemented SEO practices include some Black-Hat SEO techniques, it could already be hurting your traffic, and you may incur a higher cost to reverse the situation.

Guaranteed Results

SEO in Singapore is subjected to dynamic changes in search engine algorithms, making it hard to provide any sort of guarantees.

If you insist that the SEO agency guarantee realistic results, be prepared to pay more.

However, note that most SEO agencies offering the best SEO services in Singapore strive to rank 20-30% of your website’s keywords within six months.

Be careful of any SEO company promising something like getting your web pages on Google’s first page of Google overnight -irrespective of the quality of their SEO services in Singapore.

As good as the guarantee may sound, they could be using black-hat SEO to trick Google’s algorithm, and it’s a matter of time before this is detected and your site penalized.

Instead of falling for such trickeries, it’s better to work with SEO agencies with realistic approaches and legit methods.

Ways to Save On Your SEO Costs

Since more businesses rely on digital marketing agencies to top the search engine results and enhance their online presence, the competition is getting saturated.

There’s more need for a well-crafted SEO strategy with seamless execution for a better positioning on search engines, higher organic traffic, and better conversions.

Studies show that the first page on Google gets 33% of the search traffic [1] for a specific keyword.

Whether you’re new to social media marketing or a business owner looking for an SEO agency to support your digital marketing campaigns, being equipped with some tips on cutting your SEO costs while improving your online organic rankings is crucial.

Find The Best SEO Agency.

If you’re planning to outsource SEO services, you’ll want to hire an SEO agency that offers the best SEO services you deserve. And since digital marketing is an evolving field, most SEO agencies with adequate experience and advanced tools are better positioned to offer the best.

While the best SEO company might offer higher SEO pricing in Singapore than a start-up SEO firm, they’re confident enough to deliver services that’ll bring organic traffic to your site without wasting resources.

Know The Services Your Business Need

Most SEO agencies offer flexible packages; you can trim SEO costs if you know and avail of the precise SEO services your website needs and skip the unnecessary ones.

You should also have a clear plan for your SEO campaign with pre-defined tasks to be performed.

For instance, SEO specialists need to understand your business model to come up with keywords. Your involvement in this phase is critical.

Since you know your business best, you may get involved in this phase and help uncover the relevant keyword.

Insufficient keyword research can lead to missing relevant keywords and potential topics that can create conversions and revenue. Doing SEO for too many unrelated keywords will be an excellent waste for the business.

Do Not Spend Money Black Hat SEO

Traffic and backlinks are important factors when it comes evaluating Google rankings. And some SEOs want to manipulate these factors to push too quickly.

But it’ll be best if you avoid spending money on falsely pumped traffic or backlinks spammed in bulks. Such is referred to as black hat SEO techniques, which will get your site penalize by Google.

Instead, focus on creating traffic and backlinks through more formal ways such as guest posts or leveraging relationships in the digital marketing industry to exchange links.

Outsource Content

Maybe if you compare the average price per content, hiring collaborators and content creators will save no much than official employees.

But with collaborators you don’t incur the cost of space, insurance, and other surcharges, so outsourcing standard SEO content becomes more cost-effective than hiring.

However, beware of parties with too low prices; too cheap can return poor quality content, leading to poor ranking on Google SERP.

Apply SEO Support Tools

Instead of using human resources for repetitive SEO activities like posting, social media sharing, and optimizing SEO standards, some tools can help businesses save a lot of time and money in implementing SEO.

Some of these tools are:

  1. Screaming frog: For stying on page website
  2. Onlywire: For sharing posts on social
  3. Ahrefs: For keyword research, backlinks and competitors, backlinks, and.
  4. Serprobot: For keyword check
  5. For simple keyword research.

Tips To Get the Most out of Your SEO budget.

An effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more than just building links. It needs to be part of your overall digital marketing activation.

On top of determining your website’s ranking on search engine results pages, SEO practices impact every aspect of your digital presence.

Although your marketing budget dictates what resources you can use for SEO campaigns, there’re several things you can do to get the best return on investment possible on whatever their budget.

These include:

  • Have a Defined plan:
    It’s essential to have a clear plan that outlines your precise goals and what you’re hoping to get out of your site. With that, you can figure out how to allocate your marketing budget and give a defined direction for your SEO strategies.

  • Make Use Of Free SEO Plugin:
    For websites created with content management systems like WordPress, you might find some great plugins to boost your SEO efforts. Create High-Quality Content: It’s also crucial to focus on creating high-quality content that’s well optimized and addresses user concerns. You can do some keyword research using various available tools for SEO research.

  • Focus on On-Page SEO:
    Optimising your on-page SEO data is a great way to make the most out of SEO services; this means things like:
    1. Meta descriptions to provide a concise overview of your web content.
    2. Image data like captions, descriptions, and titles.
    3. Title tags for each content on your website.

  • Outsource Professional SEO services:
    One of the best ways to spend your SEO marketing budget and get more on your spending is to hire a professional SEO agency that won’t waste your time or money on things that never work.

Alternative SEO Services Pricing Models

For your website to feature on the first page on commonly used search engines, you need SEO efforts that synchronize with your overall digital marketing efforts.

You need to outsource SEO services and spend a realistic amount of dollars for your business to succeed online.

Whole Most SEO companies prefer monthly SEO pricing in Singapore; there’re alternative SEO service pricing models that include:

  • Pay when you rank
  • Pay by commission

Pay When You Rank

One way that an SEO company may charge to reduce the risks on the client’s end if the SEO campaign doesn’t work as projected is through pay when you rank pricing model.

Pay when you rank is also referred as or performance-based pricing.

For this model, you only pay when your web pages rank for specific keywords; and you pay nothing if you don’t get better search engine rankings.

When to Use Pay When You Rank Pricing Model

Note that performance-based pricing eventually results in a higher cost of SEO than outmoded pricing models.

Only use it when you’re certain that the organic traffic can offset the ultimate cost when the SEO service provider actually ranks your site.

Is Pay When You Rank Pricing Model cost effective?

Because the SEO agency is willing to take the risk first, you’ll have to pay a significantly huge amount for every keyword you rank for in subsequent months.

When you start ranking for the keywords, it’s a good idea to have the authenticity of the reports and the traffic brought in by the keywords audited.

Pay by Commission

Pay by the commission is one of the inbound marketing techniques pricing. Digital marketing agencies charge through this model if they determine that the results pay-out will be hefty.

They usually charge a percentage of the revenue generated from the entire SEO campaign, not by individual keyword ranks.

Pay by Commission challenge

Though paying by the commission is seemingly a great deal, problems arise when defining each sale’s attribution.

Besides, most SEO agencies require a lock-in period of at least two years to ensure they’re there to gain compensation due to the late inception of SEO results.


I hope you better understand SEO pricing in Singapore, what to expect and how to save costs.  

If you’re on a budget, you need to ensure you’re spending in the best way possible to get a decent return on investment.

But remember that SEO is a long-term strategy with no shortcuts.

SEO specialists must use their understanding of Google SERP ranking to implement SEO strategies that include a balance of on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO.

Double check if the SEO agency is engaging in black hat SEO if you get an unbelievably affordable SEO quotation.

It’s a risky technique that may cause you hefty penalties and a massive loss in rankings that can take much time and money to recover.


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