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Jaden is Traffv’s Head of SEO and a Singapore SEO expert.

Jaden’s keen focus on consumer behaviors allows him to effectively match brands with their ideal target demographic. 

This is the primary reason clients from Asia, USA, UK and Australia alike enjoy working long-term with Jaden, whether they are a local business, ecommerce or tech startup.

In his free time, Jaden enjoys deep learning of SEO algorithm and up-to-date SEO trends. When he is not nerding out on SEO, he makes a really mean cup of cold brew we all love.

singapore seo consultant
"The 3 hours we spent with Jaden was the best money we've spent all year. He covered everything we asked from top to bottom and went above and beyond with his recommendations. Cannot recommend him enough for SEO purposes. Absolutely fantastic and looking forward to working with him again."
CEO - Freeman Publications

Brands We've Worked With

Jaden has great insights and it's was very nice to work with him. We could see substantial increase in traffic (40%) after implementing his recommendations.

Jaden was highly knowledgeable in the field, professional and helpful. We learned a lot from Jaden even in a few sessions. Definitely recommend and we hope to work with Jaden again in the future.

Wow - above and beyond my expectations, I took three pages of notes in 90min. Jaden answered each everyone one of my questions in excellent detail, and expanded beyond my known needs. This was critical, as the help we were receiving before was the typical $6/hr offers, I could feel that we were going the wrong way. We were. I'm really glad I had this call. I will be calling upon him again as an advisor after we have managed to implement aspect this call.

Jaden was awesome. His depth of analysis in our website review was eye opening. He identified website issues related to years of random seo guys making mistakes. He identified our key words and provided a strategy to make our pages gain organic search traffic.

Been working with Jaden and his team at Traffv for almost 2 years and it’s the best decision made for my company so far! Learnt so much about SEO and my company’s online presence increased so much thanks to Traffv! Working together is so hassle free and there is always monthly updates from the team, keeping us informed of the progress each month. Would totally recommend anyone to find Traffv if you need any SEO for your website!

It has been a very good experience working with Jaden and his team. They have been very professional and organized, yet flexible and responsive. We are getting useful data and results even though we are not finished with the process.

I've worked with Traffv for more than 6 months now. I'm very pleased with the high level of professional quality work delivered by them. Jaden, the Lead Strategist never fail to answer my queries patiently. Whenever i have doubts, he will explain the strategy that they are implementing and what we can expect next. Good job, team!

Jaden from Traffv provided an enormous amount of insight into all matters SEO. We have considered many other SEO experts but Jaden at Traffv is a cut above. His attention to detail allowed him to identify issues that many others had missed for us. More importantly though he offered not only technical advice but was also able to put himself in our company's perspective to provide strategic advice on SEO. It's these aspects that will really make a difference. I recommend him to anyone in need of SEO services.

Jaden was a pleasure to work with. He always delivers more than he promises. His app suggestions have helped us reduce hours of manual work. I would highly recommend Jaden.

Jaden helped us understand the pros and cons of some SEO-related work we were doing, and helped to keep us on track. He was helpful and knowledgeable

Jaden assisted us with the successful relaunch of a website. His SEO skills and advice were valuable and high quality.

Jaden was incredibly organized and detail oriented. He explained everything thoughtfully and in a way that I could easily understand so I could be more strategic about SEO. He seriously helped increase my traffic and rankings for multiple keywords on google.

I'd highly recommend Traffv if you look to improve your SEO! They're the best SEO consultants I've ever experienced. They spent time looking at my site thoroughly before calling me to walk thru step by step. All of their suggestions are to-the-point and ACTIONABLE. Many SEO agencies out there say how good they are. Traffv doesn't say it. They prove it!

We have been working together with Traffv agency for more than a year now and Jaden's team have been delivering top notch results for us. For any companies with internet presence, Traffv is the agency to speak with! Ultra recommended 🙂

The past 3 months has been an amazing SEO journey with Jaden and his team. They have shown professionalism and quality in their work. I will like to thank Jaden especially, for his valuable advice, and his willingness to share his knowledge on SEO that makes this engagement an even more wonderful experience. I will definitely recommend Traffv to anyone who needs SEO for their websites. Hope to collaborate again on future projects together! 👍

It has been a pleasure working with Mr Jaden Oh and his team. Jaden's passion, knowledge and earnestness shone through from our first meeting, where he was able to concisely detail a work plan and schedule for us. His congenial yet meticulous approach made subsequent meetings a breeze. His tireless work ethic and dedication to his craft gives me confidence in his continued services. I would strongly recommend Jaden and his Traffv team to anyone looking for SEO services!

The team has been absolutely amazing! They were incredibly helpful in improving our website's SEO. They were able to provide insights and a detailed report quickly and efficiently. The data has been very valuable as we continue to grow our business. Our rep has been a pleasure to work with and we hope to continue the relationship!

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Our limited monthly offerings of video reviews ensure personalized, comprehensive analyses for your business. 

Every review is exclusively crafted to suit your business. 

Each review isn’t just a product – it’s a tailor-made strategy for your unique needs.

Singapore SEO Consultant FAQ

Here are 3 things to consider.

1. Have a clear vision of your goal.

It’s not just about hitting the number one spot.

Instead, consider what a successful SEO campaign would mean for you. More customers? Greater visibility? Increased revenue?

That’s your real goal!


2. Next, think about your business.

Not every business is a good fit for SEO.

For some products and services, people might not be looking for them on the internet. 

So, before you hire an SEO expert, make sure there’s a good chance people are actually searching for what you offer.


3. Finally, you gotta talk about money.

Always have a clear budget in mind. 

Remember, the aim is to make your business more money, over the long run. 

Look at how much a new customer is worth to you by understanding your customer’s lifetime value and what it costs to get that customer in the first place. 

Pay smart, not hard!


SEO Tiers

There’re three tiers of search engine optimization concepts: on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and Technical SEO. Technical SEO deals with your site’s technical aspects, such as the structure and what can be done to help search engines index your web page. This usually starts with a site audit.

On-page SEO involves optimizing with elements of your site like title tags and keyword optimization to increase search rankings. And Off-page SEO entails link building and social media marketing to boost traffic to your site.


Hiring the best SEO consultant Singapore

Always go for the best SEO agencies or all-around SEO consultants who’re well conversant with seo knowledge, done marketing Singapore campaigns before, online marketing and all three SEO tiers to get the best possible results.

A Singapore SEO consultant with a good understanding of search engine algorithms and a vision of the digital marketing evolution will avoid search engines penalties. Their SEO strategies or digital marketing results may take longer, but there are higher chances of maintaining a good rank over the long term.

If you’ve little to no knowledge about SEO marketing or digital marketing strategies but want your existing business to succeed online, hiring an SEO consultant or Singapore SEO agency can be worth it for you.

The value of hiring someone for Singapore SEO Campaign

The best way to answer the value of hiring a SEO consultant in Singapore is by understanding how imperative it can be for your business’s long-term success.

Improve Your Website traffic

Leading SEO agencies in Singapore will help you implement the best practices to enhance your SEO management, improve search traffic, reach potential clients, and reduce digital marketing campaign expenditures.

Offer the Expertise Needed

An experienced SEO consultant has the knowledge required to make intelligent decisions to increase your site’s ranking and visibility. They’ve worked in diverse industries so that they can handle your web pages unique search engines rankings needs and hit your business goals.

Give the Best Results

A Singapore SEO agency fine-tunes your plans and tracks your progress to ensure you’re on track to attaining the best results. The SEO agency assess your website, your goals, and your competitor to develop a comprehensive plan to boost your website’s visibility to your target market.

Help With More than SEO Work

Suppose you want full-service digital marketing services instead of only SEO services. In that case, you can go for a digital marketing agency that you can rely on for all Singapore SEO marketing and digital marketing campaigns. You’ll turn to your account manager anytime you need SEO management, content marketing, social media marketing, lead generation campaigns, email marketing or any internet marketing your business is doing.

The average cost for local Singapore SEO campaigns is around $1,000 per month, and nationally focused Singapore SEO campaigns are priced between $2,500 – $7,500 per month.

Just before you figure out costs to improve your Google search rankings, be sure to have defined your SEO strategy, clear goals, measurable metrics, and a clear understanding of online marketing.

If you don’t have an SEO strategy, you can contract a good specialist or leading SEO company in Singapore to help you create one. Your goals need to be realistic to budget adequately for your online marketing. Think about how much you’re willing to pay for a qualified lead, a new customer and more brand awareness.

SEO Services Pricing

When looking for an SEO agency in Singapore, you’ll find many different pricing models. While we can answer the average SEO pricing questions, you’d rather talk with a Singapore SEO expert and get a personalized proposal for your Singapore SEO services.

Any Singapore SEO Agency varies its prices depending on the scope, amount of keyword research included and if they’re any competitive keywords. 

Singapore SEO consultants or SEO experts devises and executes a comprehensive SEO strategy, including on-page SEO, quality content and off-page SEO aspects, to enhance and maintain the search rankings and web traffic of a webpage in organic search engines results pages.

Now that millions of people turn to search engines for various search queries, you want your site to appear on the first page of Google in Singapore for relevant search results. But trying to understand complex Google algorithms and finding out to play by the rules of online marketing isn’t easy. That’s where an SEO consultant in Singapore comes in to help with SEO marketing.

Responsibilities of an SEO Consultant or SEO Company in Singapore

  • Develop and implement SEO strategies
  • Work towards organic search engine optimization SEO
  • Perform comprehensive keyword research
  • Increase organic traffic to your website.
  • Improve search engine rankings on Google search
  • Stay updated with latest search engine optimisation and digital marketing services
  • Incorporate other online marketing techniques to enhance business online visibility
  • Improve user experiences and mobile-friendliness of your website
  • Carry our link building and rank monitoring
  • Reputation management
  • Overseeing internet marketing such as influencer marketing, video marketing


A well-devised Singapore SEO campaign that integrates perfectly with the broader digital marketing strategy can go a long way for a business. That’s easier with outsourcing SEO solutions to an SEO consultant Singapore or an SEO company.

On average, the hourly cost of outsourcing SEO services to a Singapore SEO expert is $50- $250 per hour. 

If you’ve ever asked a Singapore SEO expert or any digital marketing agency how much it costs to improve your search engine rankings, you probably got a vague, frustrating, but honest answer – it depends.

Hourly pricing for SEO services in Singapore depends on several factors, such as the expertise or experience of the SEO consultant and the number of key phrases. Nonetheless, the fees are generally based on the hours spent working on a project. 

Getting the Most from SEO agency On an Hourly Basis

Whenever you’re looking to pay for your SEO services on an hourly basis, it’s wise to hire an SEO consultant or an SEO agency in Singapore to perform an SEO audit and then pay an hourly rate for precise SEO service as needed. 

But if you need immediate results on your own website with little exposure, you can likely benefit by supplementing your SEO techniques with paid advertisements in the digital marketing industry, such as engaging a search marketing agency, social media marketing agency or a lead generation marketing agency.

Before you outsource to a Singapore SEO service, whether from an individual or an SEO agency in Singapore, there’re several questions you need to ask to ensure that you get the best fit for the job.

Can I Have A Look At The List of Your Clients?

A professional Singapore SEO agency should have no issue sharing a list of their current and past clients or their case studies. That’ll give you a sneak peek of their expertise, gauge their existing SEO campaign, and verify whether they can do what they claim to do best.

Will You Improve My Search Engines Rankings?

Your sole objective in hiring a Singapore SEO agency is to increase search engine results pages rankings, improve organic traffic, and conversions. You want SEO services from the best SEO company that understands the strategies of search engines rankings and has a clear road map of how to go about it.

Do You Follow White SEO Practices?

You need to solicit the services of the Singapore SEO expert that adheres to white hat SEO techniques- the best practices of search engines webmasters. At all costs, you should avoid any SEO consultant that uses spammy content or links in black hat SEO. You don’t want your site banned by Google Singapore because of such practices.

What Are Your SEO service Charges Payment Terms?

Any SEO marketing or digital marketing services come with a budget. So, your SEO company, SEO consultant or digital marketing agency should discuss how much the search engine optimisation will cost plus the payment terms- will they be paid hourly, monthly or per-project basis?