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Well informed, organised and accountable. Would highly recommend them!
Co-founder | cheak
Been working with Jaden and his team at Traffv for almost 2 years and it’s the best decision made for my company so far!
Manager | ocean dental
We have been working together with Traffv agency for more than a year now and Jaden's team have been delivering top notch results for us. Ultra recommended 🙂
Co-founder | stendard


SEO Tasks That Works

Most website owners focus on basic SEO solutions like keyword optimization and content creation. They forget essential features that make a website visible.

You can have the best content optimized with the best keywords, and your site’s search rankings are poor.

While these features are critical, other SEO elements like page speed and site architecture determine the ease with which your pages are found and crawled.

This is what Technical SEO work entails. It involves creating and optimizing a website to help search engines find, index, crawl, and rank it. To do this, our Singapore SEO team performs a website SEO audit to identify areas that need improving:

  • Examine the website performance
  • Identify any missed SEO opportunities
  • Compare your website’s performance with your competitor’s
  • Identify problems causing low search traffic and conversion rates (long load speed, lack of SSL or mobile SEO optimization).

Sometimes SEO companies focus on complex SEO strategies and forget the most basic ones like on-page SEO. The truth is that SEO campaigns are never complete without such basic SEO strategies.

That’s because search engines still crawl sites for keywords, albeit using complex algorithms to rank websites. This means we can’t overlook essential SEO practices like on-page SEO. It involves optimizing content for search queries and search engine results page.

Besides publishing high-quality content, on-page SEO services involve optimizing HTML tags (the header, title, and meta title), headlines, and images. We know that search engines understand search queries better and intend to deliver results that meet the user’s needs.

Thus, a well-optimized web page helps them understand the content and organize and rank it better. 

Another critical aspect of digital marketing services is Off-page SEO.

Google and other search engines evaluate many factors when ranking a website, and off-page SEO is one of them.

It’s one of the SEO techniques used to improve search rankings outside the website. While high-quality, well-optimized content plays a critical role in ranking, search engines factor in other features outside your domain. That’s why off-page SEO is essential.

Content remains king regardless of the many other forms of SEO techniques our Singapore SEO team may deploy. Content marketing provides valuable information to your audience and attracts potential customers to the website.

According to stats, content marketing generates three times more leads compared to other digital marketing strategies (google ads), yet it’s less costly.

The best Singapore SEO company should be committed to developing topic ideas akin to your target audience and creating written or visual content around them. We use different forms of content forms:

  • Blog posts: It’s the easiest way of building Search engine optimisation SEO content. It’s also more engaging and attracts links than product pages

  • Videos: Videos are another form of content creation that has become pretty popular. Sometimes, it’s easier to rank on the first page for a competitive keyword by creating a video and doing video SEO instead of an article.

  • Infographics: It provides an easy way to convey information about a subject without writing too much text. Since much of the content is embedded in the images we’re keen to optimize the text on the first page for ranking purposes

  • Content offers: These are whitepapers, templates, and ebooks your audience can download to access more information about your products and services

This is the last step in an SEO campaign as it provides an overview of our search engine optimisation SEO efforts. It helps us collect and analyze data to understand your site’s organic traffic performance.

Effective SEO analysis also helps our SEO company to identify areas we should focus on when optimizing a website for the search engine results page.

It answers questions such as:

  • Which SEO strategy attracts valuable organic traffic and organic search?
  • Where do customers come from?
  • Are we losing money?
  • Which content has the most engagement?
  • Which keywords are the target audience using to find your website?

our seo process

Proven SEO Formula

We blend strategy, creativity, and analytics to elevate your online presence and drive measurable success.


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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

Absolutely! In fact, as a leading SEO agency headquartered in Singapore, we are specialists in targeting the Singaporean market. We’ve spent years honing our SEO expertise and understanding the unique digital landscape of Singapore. Our knowledge base extends beyond just SEO processes and touches upon the intricacies of this market, which allows us to engineer campaigns that resonate with local audiences.

We realise that every business is unique and we approach our clients with an adaptable strategy tailored specifically for the Singaporean market. We use localized keyword optimization, region-specific SERP analysis, local link-building campaigns and more, which truly sets your business apart on google search engine rankings and gets it noticed by the right people.

While our expertise isn’t confined to the borders of Singapore, this market is where our roots lie and where we’ve scored numerous successful SEO campaigns. We’re able to leverage our intimate understanding of the local market’s nuances and dynamics to your advantage.

If your business is based in Singapore and you’re looking to improve your online visibility, engage more customers, and increase your revenue, Traffv’s specialist SEO services provide the key to unlock these opportunities.

Most of the time!

Our proven SEO strategies at Traffv are definitely effective for businesses in Singapore. However, before leaping into action, we stress the importance of defining your objectives. If your goal is to amplify your website’s visibility on Google and engage more prospects, then opting for our SEO services is indeed a smart move.

We’ve built a strong reputation in the Singaporean market, honing our expertise and understanding of its unique digital landscape. This knowledge, combined with our dedication to your goals, shapes our approach, paving the way for your online success.

Depending on your objectives, we employ a range of tactics, including content optimization, local SEO, link building, and more. We focus on incorporating localized keywords, and carry out region-specific search engine results pages analysis, to ensure your business grabs the attention of your local target audience.

At Traffv, we understand the ins and outs of the Singaporean market and its users’ behaviours. This enables us to tailor your SEO strategy specifically to your business and its goals, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.

Choosing the right type of SEO for your business depends largely on your objectives, resources, and marketing budget. At Traffv, we acknowledge each business is unique, so one-size-fits-all solutions aren’t how we operate. Instead, we evaluate your goals and circumstances to recommend the most fitting SEO type.

If you are a local service-based business or if you’re targeting a local market, then local SEO and national SEO will benefit you most. Through local SEO, we optimize your digital presence to attract customers from specific locations, making sure you’re seen by those that matter most.

For e-commerce platforms, e-commerce SEO is the path to take. Here, we focus on product optimization, improving your website structure and implementing strategic keywords to enhance your e-commerce site’s visibility.

When your business targets multiple markets, international SEO and mobile SEO comes into play. This involves optimizing your site for different languages and regions, tailoring content to resonate with diverse audiences.

In essence, no two SEO strategies should be identical, but they should all be designed to meet your specific goals. At Traffv, we take the time to understand your needs and deliver an SEO plan that helps your business shine as brightly as possible online.

SEO is a long-term strategy and the timeline to see results can vary based on several factors like the industry you’re in, your target market, competition level, and your specific goals. At Traffv, we prioritize getting a clear understanding of your objectives to provide a customised estimate.

Some of our campaigns have witnessed a significant increase in organic traffic within 30 days. However, for highly competitive markets, noticeable improvement might unfold over 6 months. Each campaign is unique, and results might differ based on the scenario.

When you share your goals with us, our expert team at Traffv will scope the amount of work required and provide you with an estimated timeline. We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your website, market position and industry competition, and then build a tactical SEO strategy.

It’s essential to remember that SEO is a continual process. While initial results can be seen in a few months, maintaining and growing your SEO results over time is just as important. We provide transparent reporting, so you’re always aware of your SEO campaign progress. With our resilient approach, we aim to optimize your online presence and achieve your goals effectively.

Choosing the right SEO agency in Singapore involves several key considerations.

Firstly, seek an SEO company like Traffv that values transparency, especially regarding pricing. Ensure they have a team of experienced SEO specialists with a proven success record. Tangible results are vital, so ask for clear performance metrics. 

Additionally, having a specialized rather than generalized approach is preferable – an SEO company committed to mastering SEO will likely deliver higher-quality results. 

You want a partner that aligns with your business goals and vision and offers a memorable, enriching SEO journey.

Again, it depends on the SEO agency. Most digital marketing agencies offer SEO packages and SEO marketing on an hourly, monthly, and project basis. Your budget also dictates the amount you can pay for SEO services. On average, businesses spend $99- $10000 per month on SEO services. The more you spend, the more likely you’re to be satisfied. 

SEO agencies provide these digital marketing solutions to improve a site’s rank and visibility. Our digital marketing agency offers SEO services like:

  • Technical SEO: We ensure your website meets the technical SEO benchmarks of the current search engine standards

  • On-page SEO: We apply the best SEO practices in SEO marketing when creating content to improve SEO rankings. We analyze the headings, title tags, content, any competitive keywords used, and the internal link structure, among other features

  • Off-page SEO: These are the actions SEO agencies undertake outside the website to improve search rankings. This is where we analyze the number of backlinks to a specific web page, referral website traffic from backlinks, and the quality of link sources, among other features

  • Content creation: It involves creating written and visual content about selected topics to provide helpful information regarding a company’s products or services

  • Analytics: It involves analyzing SEO efforts to determine if the set objectives have been met. Reports are also generated to provide a brief overview of the SEO campaign

Investing in SEO services from Traffv is absolutely worthwhile. 

SEO is a crucial digital marketing strategy that amplifies your website’s visibility in search engine results, helping you reach more potential clients. Our expert team focuses on driving organic traffic and boosting website rankings, which is a lot more cost-effective than paid advertising in the long run. 

The ‘Now’ in our values means we are dedicated to optimizing your online presence in the present moment, so your business continuously grows over time. 

Remember, good SEO isn’t cheap, but our progressive, impactful results are definitely worth the investment.

Engaging a competent SEO agency in Singapore like Traffv brings numerous advantages.

With fast-paced digital trends, we can help you stay on the pulse, ensuring your website remains competitive and visible. As a full service SEO agency, we provide transparent, resilient, and unique SEO tactics, tailored to your needs. Our spirited team of experts maintain a playful, yet professional approach to deliver progressive results. 

Our focus on being fully present empowers your business to achieve its potential now, rather than later. At Traffv, we strive to not only meet your expectations, but create a strong SEO strategy that leaves a lasting, positive impact on your business.

Yes, at Traffv our expertise extends to various types of SEO marketing, including e-commerce, lead generation, local, international and national SEO. 

We adapt our marketing strategies to suit your specific business model and goals. E-commerce sites may benefit from product optimization and category descriptions, while a lead gen site may need strategic keyword placement and link building. 

Our comprehensive research helps develop an understanding of your audience, enabling us to personalize the SEO tactics effectively.

At Traffv, we don’t just offer SEO services, we build relationships rooted in transparency and resilience. 

Our SEO company unique approach ensures memorable experiences that stretch beyond your needs. As one of the top Singapore SEO agencies, we combine playful innovation with expert knowledge. We’re adept at balancing the creativity of SEO with technical SEO aspects to ensure you shine in the digital marketplace. 

Our primary focus was, is, and always will be: your business growth. 

To ensure this, we are present and fully engaged in every step. We’re not just any SEO agency – we’re your reliable partners for digital success. Trust us to navigate your SEO journey with lasting impact.

At Traffv, we utilize a range of industry-standard tools and innovative technologies to execute your SEO campaign effectively. Some of the popular SEO tools we harness include Screaming Frog, which helps us perform sites SEO audit and identify areas of improvement. We use Ahrefs for detailed backlink analysis and keyword research, enabling us to develop a highly targeted SEO strategy.

Additionally, Google Search Console and Google Analytics are essential tools in our arsenal. They allow us to monitor the performance of your website, including visitor behaviour, traffic sources, and the effectiveness of the keywords we’ve implemented.

But our technological application doesn’t stop there. As a progressive SEO agency, we leverage AI software and processes to enhance our productivity. With the help of AI, we can automate repetitive tasks, deliver deeper data insights, and optimize your SEO campaign with unprecedented precision. This allows us to offer a level of service that goes above and beyond the conventional scope provided by many agencies.

Compare us with other SEO companies, and you’ll find that at Traffv we strive to combine the best of human ingenuity and artificial intelligence to keep you one step ahead in the competitive digital landscape. So, rest assured, your SEO campaign is supported by the finest tools and technologies in the industry.