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What is National SEO?

National SEO refers to a type of strategy that targets customers on a national level.

Although similar to a typical organic search optimization campaign, a national campaign focuses on broad keywords that reach the targeted country.

By doing optimization nationally, you can go after a more extensive audience than a local SEO campaign.

With reach extended across the country, this allows your business to compete in the market and target your ideal clients.

what is national seo

How national SEO work?

The purpose of a national campaign is to get you ranking on the search engines offered in your specific country. For instance, if you live in Singapore, you will be looking for Singapore search engines to suit your business, and likewise, if you lived in Australia, you would require Australian search engines.

Generally speaking, most people believe that when they optimize their site for a particular keyword or phrase, it is relevant worldwide. SEO experts know this isn’t true as every county has its way of searching and what they type into the search engine to find what they need.

Every country has its own set of research methods, so optimizing for a specific keyword might not give you any positive organic search results in another nation because their keyword research methods are different from yours.

This is why it is crucial to determine which search engine will best suit your business by getting to know that particular country’s research methods and keyword usage. For you to become discovered in your own country, optimization is needed, but when it comes to other countries, International SEO becomes the better option.

What is national SEO services?

National SEO services is a form of internet marketing, which helps websites appear on top search engines such as Google.

Most often than not, companies who offer SEO services also provide their clients with other forms of SEO-related activities like link building (inbound links/outbound links) & content creation. In this sense, National SEO services can be defined as an umbrella term that covers all aspects related to a local campaign.

In contrast to more traditional types of online marketing (e.g., Adwords), successful national SEO campaigns are focused on reaching the widest audience possible within a specific geographic location – usually a country, state, or city. Compared to local SEO efforts (involving targeting keywords in your area code), a national campaign is a much broader field.

This means that with the help of SEO services, you reach a much higher position on Google search results for terms that are not related to your local region at all.

Nevertheless, even if you have decided not to hire professional SEO expert services and do everything yourself by preparing unique content & optimizing it following search engine algorithms guidelines, the goal is still getting high rankings for non-localized keywords.

And although SEO for a nation can be effective in driving traffic from major search engines, there is no doubt that one should also concentrate their efforts towards local searches, especially if the company offers its products or services only within a limited geographic area.

What does our National SEO Campaign look like?

National SEO campaigns will look almost similar to local campaigns. Most of the strategies used will be highly targeting people within the country. The tactics implemented are adjusted to go after nationwide audiences.

National SEO strategies will allow your small business to transform how it competes in the market. It can extend your reach across the country and capture your ideal client base, resulting in positive ROI. 

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National SEO Company

Traffv is a SEO agency and a national Seo expert specializing in search engine optimization for national businesses

Unlike other SEO companies, Traffv only focuses on SEO. This allows us to put all resources into what we do best for our clients, getting results.

As a data-driven company, we make use of data to direct our marketing efforts. This helps us make better decisions for our clients to achieve the results they want.

Our National SEO Services

We offer a complete end-to-end SEO service for businesses looking for National SEO services.

Our service includes

  • National Marketing
  • Sitewide Technical SEO audit
  • Technical SEO Optimization
  • Full SEO Project Planning
  • On-Page Optimization for Existing Pages
  • Keyword Research for National Coverage
  • Content Marketing for National Reach
  • National Authority Link Strategy
  • Monthly Reports

How to find the best national SEO services for your business

Ask your friends and business associates to recommend the best SEO services in the market today.

You can also ask them how they like their current service provider

Conduct online research to find reviews, testimonials, price lists, and other details about top-level SEO services available in the country.

Read through your shortlisted SEO provider’s terms & conditions carefully – you must know what they provide, what you get for your money, and more importantly, what kind of results to expect and how long it will take.

Also, ask them about their SEO process details – this is important as different SEO companies may use different methods; some white-hat (which are usually the best at generating good quality links), others in a grey or black-hat lane (that create spammy links that can harm your website’s reputation).

Ready To Boost Your Traffic?

Not only do we work on successful campaigns, we involve clients in every step of the process to ensure transparency and quality of work.

Frequently Asked Questions

A national campaign will be in the range of $2,500 to $5,000 a month. This will change depending on how competitive the industry is.

A national campaign might cost more as compared to a local campaign as the number of businesses competing on a national level is higher.

Yes. By using a proper strategy while researching keywords and on-page optimization, you can target both local and national audiences.

While national search campaigns are challenging, they are definitely worth it.

Allowing your brand to reach a nationwide audience brings unlimited potential to what your business can do.

The strategy for a campaign to rank a local business is slightly different to the requirements to rank a national website.

A local campaign focuses on strategies like building local citations, optimizing N.A.P (Name,Address,Phone number) across the web, optimizing Google My Business, and targeting local keywords specific to your town or city. (EG: SEO agency in Singapore)

A national campaign focuses on strategies like targeting broader keyword terms (EG: SEO agency) and content marketing aimed at a national market.

The target audience for a national campaign is usually customers from the entire country. This means the kind of marketing strategy used will be directed at people nationwide.

If your products or services are targeted at people anywhere in the country, then you need a national search campaign.

However if your products or services are only available locally, then you can consider a local SEO campaign instead of a national campaign.