Health and Wellness Marketing

We help Dental Physio Therapy clinics
get new patients from Google.

Health and wellness clinics get more new patients with our marketing.

Some of the clinics we've helped

Our Process Focuses On 3 Core Tactics

We attack every single opportunity to make sure your clinic generates quality leads.

Local SEO

Enhances your clinic's visibility in local search results, making it easier for nearby patients to find you.


Enables precise targeting by keywords and location to reach actively searching potential patients.


Content improves search rankings, making your clinic more visible to those searching for health services.

Clinics Love Working With Us

Our Clients Get More Patients From Search

We’re here to help you get new patients, and that’s exactly what we do for our clients.

Local dental clinic surged rapidly in organic search & new customers

Ocean Dental witnessed incredible growth while others shut down due to Covid lockdowns.

Physiotherapy clinic grew 3x in organic traffic, leads & brand presence

Integrative Physio's ex SEO agency couldn't do that after 2 years. We did it in less than 12 months.

Local Healthcare Provider Outshines Venture-Backed Competitors

Helped a local healthcare client win organic market share against venture-backed competitors.

Our Process Works For Health And Wellness Clinics

Our lead generation strategy has been proven to work for all health and wellness clinics, no matter where you’re located or what you practice. 





Mens and Womens Health

Mental/Physical Wellness

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