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What is Included in Ecommerce SEO services

Ecommerce Keyword Research

While there are a ton of factors that influence an ecommerce website’s rankings and organic traffic volume, keywords have the most impact.

Also known as key phrases, keywords are the words or phrases web users type into search engines to find answers to their queries. For instance, a user interested in getting a car will probably search “car for sale” on Google search, and the phrase “car for sale” is the keyword. And keywords can be either short or long.

They inform Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other engines of the details of the content found on your web pages and, as a result, directly impact your visibility on Google search results and, ultimately, online sales. That is why keyword research is the cornerstone of Traffv’s ecommerce SEO agency services.

We conduct comprehensive keyword research for short and long-tail keywords to identify what your target audience looks for when searching for products or services offered by an online store. 

This step informs us of the content you need for your ecommerce site to rank better. It also guides the entire search marketing campaign since the goal is to optimize the rest of your ecommerce platforms around identified keywords to increase your online visibility.

Traffv’s keyword research results also enable our team to identify domains already ranking for the exact keywords, hence allowing us a clear view of your competition. With this information, they can develop alternative keywords with less competition to ensure your content is discoverable and ranks highly.

Technical Website Analysis

The goal of ecommerce SEO strategies isn’t just to attract traffic but to keep users on a site longer, and, more importantly, convert it to leads that result in online sales.

In that light, you may utilize the best possible keywords, but if site visitors find your ecommerce website slow, they won’t be sticking around. Similarly, Google and other search engines won’t rank your website if they keep hitting broken URLs. That’s precisely why we offer technical website analysis as part of our ecommerce SEO services.

Our ecommerce SEO campaign team tests, and analyzes your ecommerce site to identify, resolve or improve the technical elements that hinder smooth user experiences. As a result, our technical website analysis usually includes the following key processes:

Website Speed Testing

Modern consumers have an incredibly short attention span(8 seconds) and won’t think twice about closing a slow-loading website. And they aren’t the only ones, and search engines loathe sluggish websites too. In fact, Google uses a site’s load time as one of its ranking factors.

That is why ecommerce website speed testing is such an important part of our technical website analysis and overall digital marketing SEO strategies.

Our enterprise SEO teams use a combination of tools like Google PageSpeed Insights and WebPageTest to analyze whether your site is slow or fast and the why behind its speed. 

We consider metrics like page size, browser caching, and HTTP requests to determine how they impact site speed and organic traffic. If the impact is negative, we’ll take the necessary steps to improve them.

Note that during the SEO campaign we usually test these metrics separately on mobile and PC to ensure all your website’s visitors have a smooth experience regardless of their device.

Traffic Analysis

Traffic analysis is also an incredibly important step in Traffv’s technical website analysis and SEO solutions. 

Reviewing where website traffic comes from lets us determine where to best direct SEO efforts.

Traffic analysis also helps us understand how visitors interact with your ecommerce platform and makes it easy to unearth underlying issues affecting user experience.

Competitor Analysis

Our SEO company will also research your competitor’s online business during a technical website SEO campaign. We identify who they are, their popularity, the threats they pose, and what they do in search engine optimization SEO. This data informs us how your ecommerce platforms can be better optimized to increase your site’s visibility over your competitors.

Ecommerce SEO Audit

Want to know what makes ecommerce SEO so awesome? It’s not written in stone and is ever-changing based on search engine algorithms. This creates an equal opportunity for everyone, including startup ecommerce businesses to reach the top of Google search results. There’s a downside to this – you can never really say you’re done. To stay on top of the market for ecommerce in Singapore, you must constantly revisit and update your existing strategies. This can prove pretty hectic but luckily you don’t have to shoulder that task. We tackle it for you through our professional ecommerce SEO audits.

An e-commerce SEO audit is exactly what the name implies- a comprehensive evaluation of an ecommerce website to determine its SEO health, eliminate factors that might impede its SEO value, and improve on any possible areas. SEO audits are important because they help our digital marketing team establish an efficient custom ecommerce SEO strategy and revamp your site to meet any recently updated search engine algorithm requirements.

Traffv SEO auditing processes generally start with a complete website crawl. This helps us determine the current SEO health of your website and identify any existing issues. While some ecommerce SEO clients approach us confident their ecommerce websites are in good SEO health, most of our initial audits often yield the following matters:

  • Broken URL links
  • Duplicate content
  • UX problems on mobile devices
  • Slow speed

So, to ensure every problem is completely sorted out, our SEO team will often conduct another deep audit of every issue identified. For instance, if our SEO team discovers duplicate content, an ecommerce SEO expert will perform a manual page-by-page analysis to ensure there aren’t any more similar issues. The following steps after a website crawl vary based on uncovered issues but must generally include the following:

  •  Benchmarking your site’s current search engine rankings and comparing them to the competition
  • A review of keyword usage
  • We’ll also check your internal linking
  • Identify and fix Website structure issues
  • Lookout for potential off-site issues
  • Review image usage

Ecommerce Content Strategy

Ever heard someone say content is king? Well, cliché as it may, content is indeed king. It’s the backbone of SEO because, without it, Google and other engines would have nothing to index. Without it, you’d automatically have no way to generate backlinks. That is why our SEO company also offers one of the best ecommerce content marketing strategies. 

When you hire our e-commerce SEO team, we will conduct an SEO audit and create content strategies. 

Also known as a content marketing plan, the content strategy sets the basis for every piece of content we’ll optimize for you. It includes a list of the content formats and topics we’ll create, target buyer personas, editorial calendars, to governance. 

By creating a content strategy, we streamline content optimization for your website and keep you in the loop of everything we’ll do regarding content and ecommerce SEO.

Ecommerce On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is also an important service in our esteemed ecommerce SEO packages. Also known as on-site optimization, it involves tweaking or optimizing website pages to improve search visibility.

It’s important because it focuses on optimizing on-page elements that ensure smooth user and search engine experiences.

Proper on-page SEO helps Google understand the content better and drives better search engine rankings. Our experienced team of e-commerce SEO experts usually optimizes the following key areas during our on-page optimization process:


Traffv SEO team will review all your text to ensure it has proper keywords. This is an unavoidable step because, as noted, keywords are the primary indicator for engines that a web page has content relevant to the search query. 

And we don’t just check if keywords are present; we review your content to see if you have the best keyword term combinations and that you’ve used longtail keywords in the best and most natural way possible. 

Our SEO company will also review keyword frequency to ensure they’re included at least once in the first paragraph and that they’re neither underused nor stuffed. 

Our ecommerce SEO experts also optimize for structural text elements like paragraph layout, bullet-point, sub-headers, bolding, and italicization to make your web pages more appealing to readers.

Title Tags and Meta Description

Though far more advanced and intelligent than a decade ago, modern-day search engines still need help crawling your website. That help sometimes comes from traditional SEO elements like title tags and meta descriptions.

A title tag is an HTML that features in the heading section of the web page. A meta description, on the other hand, is a summary of a web page and often appears beneath the title on organic search results.

Title tags and meta descriptions inform search engines and internet users what a page is about and, as a result, directly impact your ranking and your click-through rate.

Our team reviews both elements during on-page optimization to ensure they’re catchy enough to entice readers into clicking through. They also ensure they feature at least one primary keyword to increase visibility to search engines.

In addition to target keywords, title tags, and meta descriptions, Traffv also tweaks the following elements during on-page optimization:

  • Graphics and videos
  • URL structure
  •  Internal and external links
  •  Geotagging (for local SEO)
  •  Page speed

Ecommerce Off-Page Optimization

After on-page optimization, our team focuses on off-page optimization next. Off-page optimization, also known as off-site SEO, is a branch of SEO focused on optimizing elements that improve a user’s and a search engine’s perception of a site’s relevance, trustworthiness, and popularity. As the name on the tin implies, off-page SEO generally occurs outside your website.

While it’s broad, every Traffv’s off-page SEO optimization process mainly focuses on backlinks. This is because backlinks are a critical ranking factor. They are one of the top two factors prioritized by Google’s ranking algorithm, and as such, it’s no surprise that pages appearing on top of organic search results often contain three times more backlinks than the rest.

Knowing how crucial they are, the team at Traffv will go the extra mile to build quality backlinks for your site. We earn you backlinks either naturally, manually, or by self-creation but regardless of how we obtain them, we always ensure they offer the most SEO value by analyzing the following:

  • How fresh a backlink is
  • How relevant is a backlink to the topic on your page
  • The trustworthiness of the sites we backlink to
  • The authority and popularity of the linking domain
  • The quality of the anchor text on the linking site
  • Total links on the linking page

However, there’s more to our off-page SEO optimization process than just backlinking. Because it involves improving your site’s perception in the outside world, Traffv also offers the following services as part of our off-page SEO optimization package:

  • Social media marketing
  • Social bookmarking

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We have been working together with Traffv agency for more than a year now and Jaden's team have been delivering top notch results for us. For any companies with internet presence, Traffv is the agency to speak with! Ultra recommended 🙂
Co-founder | Stendard
Jaden from Traffv provided an enormous amount of insight into all matters SEO. We have considered many other SEO experts but Jaden at Traffv is a cut above. His attention to detail allowed him to identify issues that many others had missed for us.
Founder | Lokafy
I've worked with Traffv for more than 6 months now. I'm very pleased with the high level of professional quality work delivered by them. Jaden, the Lead Strategist never fail to answer my queries patiently. Whenever i have doubts, he will explain the strategy that they are implementing and what we can expect next. Good job, team!
Head of Marketing | Asian Business Software Solutions
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Got Questions About Ecommerce SEO Services?

SEO isn’t just worth it for an ecommerce business; it’s necessary.

As an online store, the only way for an ecommerce business to make online sales is if they are discovered online.

And while paid advertising does help, SEO-generated organic traffic is the lifeblood of any digital marketing business because it’s often more targeted and more likely to attract ready-to-purchase website traffic. SEO increases your visibility during organic searches and the click-through rate by 30%.

So yeah, SEO is worth it for ecommerce.

Ecommerce SEO services are professional ecommerce-based search engine optimization services.

They include all SEO strategies typical to any SEO marketing plan, keywords, and on-page and off-page optimization, among others. In addition, they often have ecommerce-specific SEO techniques like applying product markup to boost visibility on SERPs and increase organic traffic.

An ecommerce SEO agency is an SEO-focused business.

Also known as ecommerce SEO companies, these SEO agencies specialize in helping ecommerce websites optimize their websites with keywords, content, and other key SEO elements to improve online stores visibility, thereby improving rankings on search engine results and increasing site traffic and online sales.

Technically no.

However, they offer ecommerce stores with customizable, built-in optimization features. For instance, canonical tags are automatically added to pages to prevent duplicate data, and your sitemap features are automatically generated.

Shopify themes include title tags that feature your store name and incorporate social media linking options to ease search marketing management.

So, no, Shopify doesn’t offer SEO services, and while their built-in SEO features are a plus, you still need a good ecommerce SEO agency to propel your site to the top of Google search results.

SEO product descriptions should be short and concise- about 300 words or less.

The rule of thumb is to use your focus keyword at most two times within the first 300 words to avoid stuffing while still enhancing visibility.

Write like you are writing for buyers(and you are).

That is to ensure the description fully enlightens the online buyer of your product’s features and how they will benefit their pain points.

Next, incorporate your SEO keywords as naturally as possible. Use your primary keywords once in the product page URL, in the title, in the image tag, and once or twice in the body.

SEO is incredibly vast and can be divided based on locationlocal SEO, and international SEO, SEO practices -white, black, or gray-hat SEO, the focus area of optimizationon-page and off-page SEO, to the elements it improvestechnical SEO

Both are proven SEO strategies, but on-page ecommerce SEO comes first.

While link building makes you trustworthy, only a few sites will let you link to you if your content is poor quality or not well-optimized.

So it helps if you worked on on-page optimization before link building.

The answer is subjective from one ecommerce business to another, but one thing is sure; paying for ecommerce SEO services for your ecommerce business is worth every penny.

While having your in-house marketing team handle SEO is cost-saving, it only adds to their workloads. The result? They’ll neither be efficient at their core marketing campaigns nor the SEO campaign. 

Additionally, ecommerce SEO is an ongoing process that requires constant updating. Having a team of ecommerce SEO pros like or SEO agency handle e-commerce SEO means they’ll have the human capital and all the resources needed to handle the task resulting in improved SEO performance professionally.

While there are endless ways to generate backlinks, unlinked brand mentions offer the most SEO and ROI value for ecommerce websites.

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