Corporate Search Engine Optimization in Singapore

Boost the Visibility of Your Business for All Potential Customers

The corporate world is a tough one to compete in.
You need every advantage you can get, and search engine optimization services are that.
With SEO, you can have your site at the top and make sure that people know about your company.
However, selecting an SEO agency that provides corporate SEO services is not easy.
Here is everything you need to choose the best SEO agency for your business.

Factors To Consider When Hiring A Corporate SEO agency

The first step is to hire Singapore SEO services for your business to select an excellent corporate SEO agency.

For this decision, you must consider several factors that affect the performance and goals of SEO campaigns.

Here are 12 most important factors to consider:


Determine Your Needs

It is crucial to determine the needs of your corporate company before hiring an SEO agency. Some factors that will affect how well a corporate SEO campaign performs are the products and services offered, competition in the industry, geographical location, target audience demographics, etc.

  • Relevant Experience

One way to find experienced professionals is to see if they have worked in other businesses or industries. If they have, they might know how to help you. This ensures that their strategies will work best for your corporation’s website too!

  • Are There Any Special Services Required?

You might need extra help with things like listing your products on a website or posting pictures of them to social media. Make sure that the agency you choose offers these services before you sign a contract.

  • Website Design & Maintenance

You need to ensure whether they offer website development or maintenance as SEO does not stop once the campaign ends; it requires continuous work, so there will always be new content updates and tweaks in future campaigns too!


Define Your Budget

The next corporate SEO factor you must consider is your budget. Before you choose an agency, you need to know how much money and time is available. The more expensive agencies usually provide better service, but they might not work for you if you don’t have enough.

How Much Do I Have To Spend?

The answer to this question is: how much are you willing to spend?

The price of SEO services in Singapore can be anywhere from $500 to $5000 per month. The common misconception about SEO is that it’s cheap. It isn’t, but if your budget allows, you should afford a professional service.

If you have a budget of $1000 then the best Singapore SEO agency for your company is one that offers services around this price. There are a lot of different choices out there, but they usually specialize in one thing. It is up to you if the specialization of that company is what you need.

When It Comes To SEO, You Get What You Pay For.

This is one of those sayings that have been around for ages, and it still holds true to this day. It’s not wise to cheap out on corporate SEO because it will only hurt your business in the long run. Yes, you may get a service at $500, but if they can’t get you to the top of search engine results pages, then it’s a waste.

But, if you have enough budget, there are plenty of reputable agencies that can provide excellent services for up to $5000 per month. Choosing such an agency is usually a good investment because they will be able to do what needs to be done to take your company’s online presence up a notch.


Research And Compare SEO Agencies
based on experience, reviews, testimonials, and portfolios.

Check to make sure the agencies you are considering offer SEO services for corporate businesses.

You want to pick an agency that has experience in your industry or business category.

Once you have narrowed down your list of top agencies, research them by reading reviews and testimonials written by people who have used their corporate services before. If you visit their website, you can see some of the previous projects they did.


Understand What Is Included In The Package They Offer

Some agencies charge you by the hour. They also have monthly packages, too. Some corporate SEO campaigns involve more than one service like content marketing, link building, or social media management, and these digital marketing services are usually included in the package they offer.

Campaigns will also include keyword research to determine the best search terms for your company. The keywords people search have a big influence on content. You should use them to select what social media sites and networks you post your content on. Related services may include web design, copywriting, google ads, or online marketing consulting.


Do Not Only Look At Price When Comparing Packages
make sure that it includes all the features you need for your business to grow.

You need to compare SEO packages. They are services that help you get your site ranked higher on search engines, like Google. It can last for a long time, and you want it to be good. You need to find a balance between what is best for your business and what you can afford. If something is too expensive, then you should get something cheaper that will work.

It is also essential to check whether all the features needed are included in their corporate SEO package because some agencies don’t include content marketing, whereas some cost more but have extra service offerings like website maintenance too.


Make Sure That Any Extra Costs Are Outlined
so there are no surprises later on down the line.

Make sure that you get all the features that you will need for your company’s SEO campaign. These should be included in your package when you sign up, not added on later.

This will help you keep track of your expenses and avoid any extra fees. If there are other features that the agency offers, ask about these costs as well so they can be added to your package.

Expect a Singapore SEO company to offer free consultations for their services to provide a better idea of what it would cost in advance. This is also beneficial because it allows them to sit down with you one-on-one without distractions or interruptions from others who might need their attention at the same time.

It’s essential not only for this reason but another too. By sitting through a consultation session, you can get insight into how much work needs to be done beforehand, which helps plan out when things should occur more accurately and efficiently.

This also can help you avoid any surprises that might arise down the line when it comes to your budget or costs of services.

If there are specific features, like a blog service for example, and they’re not mentioned in your package, then don’t worry about them because other fees will cover these items should you need them.

Some agencies call bundled pricing, which means all extra charges will be included with one payment instead of being paid separately. You won’t have to keep track of different invoices from separate companies either.

As always, make sure everything’s clear before signing on the dotted lines!


Get References From Other Companies Who Have Used Their Services Before

Corporate search engine optimization agencies are often proud of their work, and they will have testimonials or references from other companies they’ve served.

You can use these as a measure to compare corporate SEO packages because the feedback might be more unbiased than what you’ll get on an agency’s website.


Is There An Upfront Fee Or Do They Charge By The Hour?

Some agencies charge an upfront fee for their services, but others may offer a per-hour rate. If you are hiring the agency monthly, make sure that they have included all hours of work in your package. It might be worth it if the company charges more per month because this would save money in the long run.


What Is The SEO Agency's Specialty?
(search engine optimization, link building, social media marketing)

This factor is crucial for agencies that offer services beyond just search engine optimization. For example, some corporate digital marketing agencies may provide social media management but not link building, content marketing, or any other digital marketing service, so it’s important to know what they specialize in and which of their corporate SEO features you need the most (or all!).


Do You Want a Company That Offers Both SEO and PPC Services?
or would you prefer to hire two separate companies for these services.

Some corporate search engine optimization agencies offer both SEO and PPC services, so you can either hire them for these or two separate ones. If a company does not specialize in one of the areas, it might be better to go with someone specializing in that component since they will have more experience with keyword research or conversion rates.


Is There Anything Specific About SEO That You Want Them to Focus On?

Some agencies will offer more services than others, so you might have to be a little more specific about what kind of corporate search engine optimization they should focus on.

For example, suppose your business relies heavily on its conversion rates and not just web traffic. In that case, the agency should team up with someone who specializes in paid advertising or PPC campaigns instead of a website designer or content writer.


Do They Work With Your Competitors?​

If SEO agencies are supposed to get your website higher in the rankings, then it’s not a good idea to work with an agency with clients in the same industry as you. You want to be the top company in your industry, not the second-best company.

If you find a Singapore SEO agency that doesn’t work with your competitors, they are perfect for you! 

If their portfolio has a wide variety of different businesses and industries, they have experience working on getting websites ranked high across multiple categories. This kind of expertise will help them rank your business even higher than what would otherwise seem possible.

SEO experts know which strategies can result in rankings gains for both traditional brick-and-mortar companies as well as those who operate exclusively online, so no matter how you do business now or plan to grow into new markets later on down the line, these SEO experts should be able to help get more customers through your doors.

Things To Avoid When Hiring A Corporate SEO Agency

The agency that you choose will be a part of your team for the foreseeable future, so it’s essential to make sure they are easy to work with and have experience in what they do.

Contracting with a company without any reviews or testimonials

If you see agencies that don’t have reviews or testimonials, it’s best to avoid them and find someone with a proven track record.

The agency may have a great reputation and provide excellent service, but without reviews or testimonials to back it up, you’re stuck guessing.

The best thing to do in this situation is to find someone with a proven track record instead of risking your business’s online presence by contracting out services from someone who doesn’t seem reliable.

Beware of agencies that claim they can rank you on page 1 of Google in a week or two

Some corporate search engine optimization agencies will promise that they’ll get your company ranked in the top three pages of results for any keyword but don’t fall for this because there are no guarantees when it comes to organic rankings and organic traffic.

It could take months before you start seeing some positive changes, so make sure that the company you are working with has realistic expectations.

Stay away from companies that claim they have a 100% success rate with clients

If corporate search engine optimization agencies claim that they can make your company a success with guaranteed results, then it’s best to stay away. 

There is no such thing as a 100% successful corporate SEO agency because there will always be variables out of control, like Google algorithm updates or more competitors popping up online.

Don't be swayed by fancy marketing materials

Companies will have flashy digital marketing materials and videos of their employees.

This is all part of their job to get new clients, but make sure that you’re looking at what they offer beyond just these pretty pictures.

Hiring an agency that doesn't specialize in SEO

If you see agencies offering a lot more services than just SEO, then it might be better to go with someone who specializes in that area since they will have more experience regarding things like technical SEO or on page SEO.

See If We're A Good Fit.

A List of Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Corporate SEO Agency

  • What are your SEO services?
  • Do you work with clients in the same industry as my company?
  • Does the corporate SEO company offer more than just SEO, and how do they rank their expertise in this area of service compared to others that specialize? Are they SEO experts in your industry?
  • How much does it cost per month for these corporate search engine optimization services, what is included, and what’s not included?
  • Is there anything specific about SEO that I want them to focus on, such as conversion rates or web traffic generation?
  • What is your process for creating a new campaign/work on an existing one?
  • Do you offer a free consultation call, email, or Skype chat so that we can get acquainted before signing up for anything
  • Can I see examples of sites that the agency has previously worked on and their results?
  • What are the best SEO practices for my industry?
  • What are some of the latest trends in SEO?
  • How do you measure ROI for an SEO project?

What is an SEO service?

An SEO service is a digital marketing strategy (search engine marketing) for corporate businesses to get their site ranked higher on the search engine results page.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means that search agencies can make you rank faster and higher on Google or other search engines by getting your website appropriately indexed, managing backlinks & optimizing images with metadata, so they are easily found online.

how does seo for b2b work

How much does an SEO company charge?

When it comes to the SEO services cost, you should ask them for a quote and find out what’s included in that fee and what’s not.

For example, most agencies will offer monthly packages with a keyword research component, but conversion rates might be an extra service they charge separately depending on how much work is required.

You can also contact other corporate SEO providers to get quotes first before signing up or contacting one of them directly because their prices may vary from company to company.

Which is the best company for SEO services in Singapore?

An excellent SEO company will be willing to work with you, answer any questions that come up, and explain things in a way that’s easy for you to understand.

They should also have realistic expectations from their clients instead of making promises they can’t keep, like getting your ranking at the top three positions on Google search engine within a few weeks.

The best corporate SEO agency would focus on organic rankings and organic traffic, which means not using spammy tactics such as building links through black hat SEO techniques because this could get them penalized by Google.

It is always important to find an agency specializing in what they do since there are many services involved in digital marketing for a corporate business online, including research, conversion rates, and backlinks management.

What does an SEO company actually do?

A corporate SEO agency will work with you to develop a SEO strategy that helps your site rank better by optimizing on-page factors (on page SEO), including meta tags, keywords, and backlinks, while also considering offsite factors like social media engagement.

Common SEO services include:

  • research to determine which keywords are most relevant for your site and how you can rank better with them on Google search engine
  • backlinks management (off page SEO) by creating or acquiring links through a variety of strategies such as guest blogging, article marketing, and press releases
  • conversion rates optimization by analyzing customer behaviour and tracking their onsite engagement

Corporate SEO consulting includes a phone call, email, or Skype chat to get acquainted with your business before they start working with you.

Are SEO companies worth the money?

SEO companies are worth it if you want to increase your online presence and web traffic of your website for potential customers.

If you’re looking for a quick fix or even an answer to any other question regarding SEO, then hiring one may not be the best idea.

The reason why is they won’t have enough time and knowledge about how your site works and what keywords work with each web pages.

However, if they know all of that information, yes: a company can make sense financially speaking because the cost will outweigh their value over time, giving them long-term ROI (return on investment).

There’s no right way to determine whether or not SEO services would be beneficial for your business, but there are many wrong ways, like using the wrong keywords, not doing enough research on the company you’re considering, and hiring a Singapore SEO company without first contacting them.

Why Traffv?

THE B2B Seo Company

Traffv focuses on what we do best, Search Engine Optimization. Instead of going wide, we dive deep into the kind of SEO service we offer to clients to bring out the best results from a SEO campaign.

Full Transparency

Instead of having to guess what we have done, we provide a detailed breakdown of the deliverable you will be getting. This means you get included in our workbook, giving you full access to what we have scheduled to do, what we are currently doing and what has been done.


We make use of data to guide every SEO campaign that we work on. This allows us to eliminate guesswork and focus on the resources we have at hand to make the best marketing decision for our clients.

Ready To Boost Your Traffic?

Not only do we work on successful campaigns, we involve clients in every step of the process to ensure transparency and quality of work.

What does our B2B SEO Process look like?

There are 5 phases you will go through in our b2b search engine marketing campaign
– learning,improving, creating,promoting and evaluating. 

We call this B2B seo strategy the inner-out approachThis means before doing any promotion or marketing, we want to make sure that we work on our existing asset first.

If you promote a lousy website, you’re gonna either
A) having a lot more problems to fix later on.
B) not reaping the full rewards of your marketing efforts.

Just like how softwares are constantly updated, the entire process is looped and repeated again with 
constant improvements from fresher and new data.

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with clients on a monthly retainer fee.
This monthly retainer fee is based on the amount of hours required to work on your project.

No, we do not promise guaranteed results.

This is because we cannot control certain variables like the service/product that you offer and we’d rather be honest and lose your business than over promising you and close you as a client.

What we can promise is to put in the hours of work in the agreed deliverables and position you in the best possible position for results.

Depending on your niche, the competition, the current state of your website, how much work needs to be done, Google’s algorithm, (the list can go on), it’s difficult to put a month as a gauge for results.

Instead, what you can expect is a steady increase in key performance metrics over the course of the campaign.