Introducing Our SEO Process:
"Traffv Cycle"

Phase 1 - Learning
Gain understanding of your business through market analysis.
Phase 2 - Improving
Refine and enhance your current assets to boost traffic.
Phase 3 - Creating
Crafting new online assets for your brand.
Phase 4 - Promoting
Advertise your assets throughout the web.
Phase 5 - Evaluating
Assess collected data to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hourly Pricing Model.

We charge a monthly fee based on the amount of hours required to work on a campaign.

Fair pricing and full transparency is given to our customers as they know the full breakdown of what task is scheduled, what is in process and what is completed.

It depends on your project and budget.

During the scheduled consultation, Traffv’s strategist will walk you through a strategy session to determine this.

Expectations are set correctly from the start and if additional services are required, we simply bill by the hour.

We do NOT guarantee results.

Google’s complicated algorithm changes frequently and anyone who claims a guarantee against this algorithm is not doing a responsible job. We’d rather be upfront and honest than making big promises.

What we DO guarantee is to treat your website like ours and put you in the best position possible for results.

We provide a complete end-to-end service from technical to on-page and off-page SEO as shown from our 5 phases approach.

Budget for writing content and paying for links are separate.

We focus on our expertise and best result-attaining skill, Search Engine Optimization.

However, should you prefer adding other types of digital services, feel free to discuss with us as we might be able to work something out if we have available resources.

Results are dependent on your industry, your goals, the amount of resources and budget you are allocating for SEO.

A competitive market might take up to 12 months and a less competitive market might take 2-3 months.

A fair estimation would be between 6-9 months.