B2B SEO Agency

If you’re looking for a Seo agency that are experts in the B2B field, then you’re in the right place.

Traffv is a B2B SEO agency that specializes in B2B Search Engine Optimization.

We work with B2B companies to detect missed opportunities, strategizing a plan of attack and executing on a bunch of deliverable to drive leads to businesses.

Why Traffv?

THE B2B Seo Company

Traffv focuses on what we do best, Search Engine Optimization. Instead of going wide, we dive deep into the kind of SEO service we offer to clients to bring out the best results from a SEO campaign.

Full Transparency

Instead of having to guess what we have done, we provide a detailed breakdown of the deliverable you will be getting. This means you get included in our workbook, giving you full access to what we have scheduled to do, what we are currently doing and what has been done.


We make use of data to guide every SEO campaign that we work on. This allows us to eliminate guesswork and focus on the resources we have at hand to make the best marketing decision for our clients.

How does SEO for B2B work?

B2B Search Engine Optimization works by understanding the major factors of a particular B2B industry (target audience, industry competition, business objectives,etc) and utilizing those factors to craft a SEO strategy to increase brand awareness and revenue.

Companies today make use of B2B search marketing to stay ahead of their competition on Google.

how does seo for b2b work

What does our B2B SEO Process look like?

There are 5 phases you will go through in our b2b search engine marketing campaign
– learning,improving, creating,promoting and evaluating. 

We call this B2B seo strategy the inner-out approachThis means before doing any promotion or marketing, we want to make sure that we work on our existing asset first.

If you promote a lousy website, you’re gonna either
A) having a lot more problems to fix later on.
B) not reaping the full rewards of your marketing efforts.

Just like how softwares are constantly updated, the entire process is looped and repeated again with 
constant improvements from fresher and new data.

Ready To Boost Your Traffic?

Not only do we work on successful campaigns, we involve clients in every step of the process to ensure transparency and quality of work.

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with clients on a monthly retainer fee.
This monthly retainer fee is based on the amount of hours required to work on your project.

No, we do not promise guaranteed results.

This is because we cannot control certain variables like the service/product that you offer and we’d rather be honest and lose your business than over promising you and close you as a client.

What we can promise is to put in the hours of work in the agreed deliverables and position you in the best possible position for results.

Depending on your niche, the competition, the current state of your website, how much work needs to be done, Google’s algorithm, (the list can go on), it’s difficult to put a month as a gauge for results.

Instead, what you can expect is a steady increase in key performance metrics over the course of the campaign.