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Searching for chiropractor SEO services?

Just like you, your customers would probably be using Google to look for solutions to their aching problems.

Traffv helps you grow your brand by reaching more people and turning them into customers.

Chiropractic SEO Process: 10 Key Factors

Seo Audit

We will run an SEO audit on your website to fix any technical issues

These issues include crucial elements such as URL structure, good implementations of meta-tags, site speed and SSL encryption.

UX Optimization

Every website has different ways of capturing leads.

A chiropractor’s website will need to be optimized in a way that is easy for customers to make contact or to schedule a consultation.

A few immediate UX issues would be to change CTA’s of mobile versions to call buttons and make sure to have a CTA above the first fold of the website.

Google My Business

Google My Business is vital for a chiropractor’s business. 

It helps your customers decide if your business is credible or not. 

If optimized properly, your GMB listing will rank in the map pack which will result in more phone calls and traffic to your website. 

Customers’ reviews on your listing will also play a big part in credibility.


By listing your chiropractic business on national, local, and niche sites, your business will establish trust and gain authority

Not only that, your website’s ability to rank locally will improve.

Goal Tracking

In order to measure what works, goal tracking is needed. 

By setting up goal tracking, we can collect data and see exactly what pages are generating leads and which pages should be prioritized to increase conversions. 

A campaign without goal tracking is bound to fail as there will be no measurement of success.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) can help your website acquire more customers by increasing your revenue per visitor

By optimizing your website’s rate of conversion, the acquisition cost is lowered as you get more leads from the traffic you already have.

Keyword Research

Doing keyword research for a chiropractor’s website is essential to a successful SEO campaign. 

We will find relevant keywords a chiropractor’s customer will search for, sort them out by commercial value, difficulty in ranking them and prioritize which ones to go after for quick results

Content Marketing

Before looking for a chiropractor to fix their issues, some customers like to search the web for solutions they can either do it themselves or give them more information they can learn from. 

By creating quality content that is strategically crafted, you can drive even more leads as your brand is providing value to your audience even before they are customers.

Link Building

Links are one of the key ranking factors in Google. 

Instead of doing dodgy link building, we build relevant niche-specific links.

This means outreaching to local websites and niches that revolves around chiropractors to ask for collaboration and link placements.

Review Management

Trust is key. 

By having a good reputation online means customers can trust a business more. 

By having a review management system in place, your business will appear to be more credible than your competitors.

Benefits of SEO for Chiropractors

World’s Most Popular Search Engine

Google has over 70% of the entire search market share.
This means it is THE most popular search engine on the planet.
By growing your brand with the most frequently used platform, this naturally allows you to reach more people.

Consistent Traffic With No Ads Cost

Google’s algorithm decides which page to rank for any given keywords.
This means that if you’ve an effective strategy in place and rank for a given keyword, Google has determined that your page is the best result for that query.
Instead of spending money on ads, your website will continue to attract visitors for months or years once you start ranking.

More Leads

If your chiropractor business is not visible on Google, chances are you are missing out on potential customers.
On the other hand, if your brand appears everywhere when your customers type anything related to chiropractic solutions, you get more exposure, more phone calls and more customers.

Competitve Advantage

Type in words that your potential customers will search for in Google (EG: Chiropractor in New York).
If your competitors are appearing on the first few results, chances are your customers are going towards them.
But if your competitors are not investing in SEO, that means chances of you out-ranking them is high.

Our Chiropractic SEO Services


Our project plans for every individual client are different.

This means focusing on the crucial things that need to be done instead of blindly following a given set of project templates.

This helps both our clients and us to allocate resources effectively and efficiently.


We make use of data to drive marketing decisions that’s best for our clients.

Instead of focusing on ranking for random chiropractic keywords, we focus on working together with business owners and the given data to drive qualified traffic to their website.

Full Transparency

The processes we have from start to finish are as transparent as it needs to be.

From the beginning of the campaign till the end of it, clients know exactly what has been done via our customized workbook.

This includes every deliverable and scheduled tasks the campaign needs, keeping our clients as informed as possible.


We do what we do best, Search Engine Optimization.

Unlike other chiropractic marketing companies, our team focuses on specifically SEO because we are good at driving results from it.

So instead of spending resources and time on other factors that we know, we focus our attention on what we do best.

This means when it comes to SEO for chiropractors, we are the chiropractor seo expert.

Ready To Boost Your Traffic?

Not only do we work on successful campaigns, we involve clients in every step of the process to ensure transparency and quality of work.