From 66 to 1145 Monthly Organic Traffic in 3 months


  • The Asia Report provides financial insights for investors to make better informed decisions. They also conduct workshops by life practitioners and have been in the finance industry since 2014.

  • Their primary source of leads were from capturing emails and the brand wanted to expand the number of leads captured as the website has reached a plateau in the number of email subscribers.

  • The Asia Report knew the benefits of Search Engine Optimization and wanted to use it to increase brand awareness and increase organic traffic to the website as well as increasing subscribers.


  • To understand and find the best opportunities for SEO, we decided to run an full website audit to find missing opportunities.
  • We needed to make the brand looks consistent and reliable to visitors as some basics like favicon are missing from the website.
  • Before promotion and outreach, we decided to focus on restructuring the website first. Things like restructuring the URL and organizing and mapping category pages.


  • After running the audit, we found tons of duplicate and thin content. This was due to poor website structure and “registration-type” posts which are not the best for indexing due to their poor word count.
  • We also change the design for better conversions and gave the brand a consistent look and feel across the web.
  • Once the website was fixed, we started an outreach campaign to relevant and authority websites to build relationships and promote the brand.

Traffv was responsible for optimizing my site for Search Engine Optimization and Data Analytics.
They helped redesign the site for optimal conversion which dramatically improved my conversion rate for capturing leads.
They also implemented strategies to drive additional traffic to my site.
They were exceedingly courteous and prompt in responding to all my queries and prompt at responding to my requests.

Jun - Owner



Organic Traffic Increased


New  Subscriber Conversions 


Monthly Organic Traffic From 66

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