Top 5 Best Singapore SEO Companies 2023 (Assessed and Ranked)

Top Best Singapore SEO Companies

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Looking for the best SEO company in Singapore?

We analyzed 20+ SEO agencies and picked out the top 5 for you.

And unlike 99% of the lists you’ll find, none of these companies have paid or sponsored for placement.

Our detailed ranking and scoring benchmarks are below the list.

1. Traffv

top seo companies traffv

You’re on and we are number 1 on this list.

We are thicked skinned but not to that extent.

This is 100% based on a data-driven system outlined below.

Traffv, short for traffic, is a Singapore-based SEO company focused on helping small and large brands in Singapore grow their online presence through search engine optimization.

We operate on three core values, transparency to build lasting clientele relationships, honesty, and data-driven decision-making.

Our core focus is on organic search growth and as an SEO marketing company committed to that, we offer quite a long list of SEO services in Singapore.

These include:

  • Technical SEO: improve SEO elements like page speed, indexation issues to increase site visibility and site structure organization.

  • On-page SEO: optimize website content with header tags, meta titles, images, and keywords.

  • Off-page SEO: improve site authority with strategic link-building campaigns from high-quality websites.

  • Analytics: identifying and troubleshooting data such as: where organic customers for Singapore businesses come from, which content generates the most engagement and what keywords are used by the target audience.

  • Local SEO: to promote local presence, organic growth, and foot traffic for Singapore businesses with brick-and-mortar stores.

In addition to the above SEO services, Traffv offers SEO consulting, e-commerce SEO, and international SEO.

2. First Page Digital


First Page Digital is a global digital marketing company with a presence in Singapore and seven other countries.

The company promises to deliver improved organic search rankings and increased organic traffic within 90 days, failure of which they promise to work for free.

The digital agency has worked with various brands and has case studies of its success stories on its website. They’ve worked with brands like, Cat & The Fiddle, and Floristique.

First Page Digital also offers various solutions, including email marketing, web design, and e-commerce SEO for platforms like Shopify, Magento, and Woocommerce. Their specialized services include

  • Mobile services: specifically focused on optimizing web pages to improve performance on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

  • Video SEO: to improve reach and view counts through improved rankings on leading video platforms like YouTube and on regular search engine result pages on the Google search engine.

  • Unwanted content removal: First Digital has Removify to help brands remove unwanted content related to them from the internet.

In addition to search engine optimization services, First Page Digital offers many other digital marketing services, such as Google Ads management, social media marketing, programmatic repair, and reputation repair.

3. Media One Marketing


Media One Marketing is a digital marketing services agency with about 12 years in the game.

They offer a wide variety of SEO services, including:

  • Keyword research
  • On-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Forensic SEO

They also offer online reputation management services for businesses in Singapore facing negative online feedback, malicious content from competitors, and other negative data that might negatively impact an enterprise’s success.

In addition to SEO services, Media One also offers SEM, programmatic ads, lead generation services, social media marketing, and branding services.

4. Impossible Marketing

Impossible Marketing is a local SEO agency on Yan Kit Road.

They opened shop in 2012 and have since worked with numerous brands in different industries, including local magazine companies, tuition centers, and workspace rental businesses. Impossible Marketing is a PSG pre-approved vendor.

It has been on multiple publications and platforms, including Yahoo News, Asia One, The Sunday Times, and Strait Times. Their SEO offerings include:

  • SEO optimization
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • SEO Content updates

In addition to the above, they offer social media marketing, video marketing, web hosting, and influencer marketing in Singapore.

5. Miron Digital


Miron Digital is yet another excellent, Singapore-based SEO and advertising services company.

They work with brands from various industries, such as education, fitness, and engineering.

Their SEO services include:

  • Technical SEO
  • Keyword Gap Research
  • Content strategy
  • Campaign optimization
  • Data Analytics
  • White Hat link building
  • Campaign optimization
  • Competitive analysis
  • Website audits
  • On-page optimization
  • Email marketing

Ranking Criteria

We gathered hundreds of data points from different SEO providers in Singapore to create a list of the top five SEO companies.

You can see the entire scoring criteria here.

We shortlisted these SEO companies based on the following:

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

We studied client reviews while compiling the best SEO companies in Singapore because they reflect a client’s experience with a business.

There’s a difference between how companies think they’re doing and how the clients feel- and reviews are the most credible way to evaluate the latter.

Client reviews are an essential tool in the business world.

Now thanks to seamless internet accessibility, clients often leave their feedback through digital channels like websites, social media accounts, and on Google Business Profiles.

We scoured these reviews to determine each company’s overall client experience and the success they’ve achieved for their clients to decide if they are worth your investment.

We also prioritized reviews while compiling our list because it’s the first step 90% of consumers take before engaging with an SEO agency in Singapore.

Whether They’re a Jack-of-all-trades for SEO Services

You don’t go to a GP if you have a heart condition – you look for a cardiologist.

Similarly, if you’re looking for SEO services, a specialized SEO agency’s expertise, skills, and knowledge will be very different compared to a full-service digital agency.

For example, we eat, live and breathe SEO.

It’s all we talk about – just ask our family and they’ll back us up.

P.S – they’re probably tired of it.

SEO services look different from one company to another and most companies only offer general SEO services.

That is why we also prioritized SEO companies with comprehensive SEO services such as:

  • Specialization: how wide are their business capabilities and how specialized are they in search engine optimization.

  • Global SEO: these are SEO services targeting global audiences. Also known as international SEO, this service increases your reach and typically involves content optimization in different languages.

  • National SEO: as the name implies, national SEO optimizes for national audiences. It will often entail using generalized or broad keywords to increase visibility on a national level.

  • E-Commerce SEO: E-commerce SEO generally involves optimizing an online store’s content and website to improve online visibility, thereby driving more sales and revenue.

The above are a few examples of the specialized SEO services we looked for when ranking the best SEO companies in Singapore.

The longer the list of specialized services an SEO agency offers, the better it can cater to your needs because you get everything under one roof.

Also, note that SEO isn’t a one-off investment.

It’s a continuous process that typically starts with the initial optimization and calls for constant SEO audit processes and re-optimization campaigns in the long run.

Working with a single company throughout increases your SEO success.

They get to understand your brand processes better and can convey your tone and style better than a new SEO agency. It also helps build trust and good working relationships turning the SEO company into an extended part of your enterprise.

Additionally, the more specialized services a company offers, the better because it means your enterprise no longer need to search the market for a reliable agency every time you need to implement emerging SEO strategies.

Whether They Have Successful “Updated” SEO Case Studies

We analyze if an agency has

  • any SEO case studies

  • any SEO case studies that are still live – (what’s the point if the case study was ten years ago)

  • any SEO case studies that are still live AND growing – (shows whether they’re getting long-term results)

While there are many ways to determine if an SEO agency will be the right fit for your enterprise now and in the future, case studies are the best option.

They demonstrate how a prospective SEO company identifies, addresses, and resolves client SEO needs.

This provides a sneak peek of what to expect when working with that particular company.

Additionally, case studies are the most authentic form of social proof.

They introduce you to a company’s clients, allowing you to contact them directly in case you need more details. 

More importantly, case studies provide a clear overview of what an SEO company achieves for its clients allowing you to determine whether their services are worth the investment.

That is why we made sure only to shortlist companies with case studies but also the relevancy of their case studies while brainstorming the best SEO companies in Singapore.

SEO Best Practices

We wanted to see if SEO agencies are practicing what they preach.

The list of SEO best practices we looked at includes:

  • How much organic traffic is their website getting?

  • Do they have optimized meta tags?

  • Do they have backlinks from trustworthy, authoritative websites?

  • How fast is their site loading?

While SEO strategies look different from company to company, a quality SEO agency should practice what it preaches.

In other words, if a provider promises to increase your organic rankings, they need to rank better organically.

Ideally, their website should take about 2-3 seconds to load on mobile and PC.

So, while all the factors listed earlier were critical in creating this list, we also considered how well each SEO companies implements SEO best practices before we came up with a definitive list.

Looking for other services? We’ve done the research for you here:

FAQs about Singapore SEO Companies

What are the different types of SEO?

Types of SEO include technical seo, on-page and off-page SEO.

There are also SEO directed at different geographic markets such as local, national or international.

It also can be in different platforms (shopify seo, WordPress seo) or verticals (ecommerce seo, dental seo).

Which factors matter for a high Google ranking?

When creating an SEO strategy, you should prioritize these main Google ranking factors:

  • making sure the site can be indexed

  • appropriate use of keyword usage

  • high-quality content

  • fast website loading speed

Other essential elements includes , internal linking and external links.

How much does SEO for small businesses in Singapore cost?

Quality SEO for small businesses in Singapore costs between $1500 and $5000 per month.

However, note that what you pay might be higher or lower than these averages because pricing varies from different requirements.

Additionally, industry competitiveness also influences the cost.

SEO costs also depend on whether the business needs local, regional or international SEO.

The number of locations a company looks to target also affects the cost because it increases the volume of SEO work in question.

For instance, a small business looking to target audiences from different locations in Singapore will need other service pages for each area.

This adds to the required content volume, which means more SEO optimization work.

Current rankings also influence pricing.

For example, a business already ranking well only requires SEO maintenance services to help keep it on top of search results.  

However, a company yet to start any SEO work means the SEO agency will be working towards achieving good rankings from scratch and, consequently, higher costs.

Other factors influencing SEO costs include the site’s technical condition, the number of pages needing optimization, and domain history.

What is the most challenging part of SEO?

The hardest part of search engine optimization is finding trustworthy, high-quality sources of information to create quality, thought-leadership website content.

Besides content, creating an all-encompassing SEO strategy can also prove quite hectic.

This is because there are many cogs to the SEO wheel and integrating all of them for one greater purpose calls for extensive hands-on experience and time commitment.

Is SEO worth it for small businesses in Singapore?


Although SEO in Singapore is still relatively infant, the widespread use of digital content in Singapore makes it a worthwhile investment for small businesses.

As of writing, Singapore ranks third in internet penetration in Southeast Asia.

The internet is also where 96% of Singaporeans spend an average of 2.5 hours daily, making search engine optimization a critical tool for any small business looking to scale the competition.

What SEO mistakes to avoid in 2023

To excel in SEO in 2023, you should avoid creating poor website content.

Most enterprises in Singapore hire low-pay writers to create content.

While it cuts initial costs, it costs them more in the long run by leaving a negative impressions on website visitors. Poorly written content might even lead to penalties by search engines.

Does SEO have a future?


Sure, technologies like artificial intelligence will alter its dynamic, but one thing is sure; SEO will only grow bigger and more critical.

With the rapid increase in internet use and the pandemic-inspired transition of businesses to remote and hybrid working environments, SEO is set to grow since more enterprises now have a website.

Wrapping Up

Search engine optimization is a well-known success recipe for modern-day business. And with 63% of consumer journeys starting online, SEO is important now more than ever. It levels the business world in Singapore and globally by allowing small and large companies to use the same tools to increase their online visibility.

The best part about it is that if targeted well enough, it attracts organic traffic and a target audience ready to spend money on your business. Be sure to maximize the services of the best SEO companies in Singapore because they can help put you on top of SERPs.

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Article by: Jaden

Jaden is the CMO and SEO lead at Traffv. With over 10 years of marketing experience. He has worked with renowned MNCs and his work has been featured in outlets like Hubspot and International Business Times.

When he’s not geeking out about SEO, Jaden enjoys playing soccer. He also has an unhealthy obsession with bak kut teh.

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