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According to Salesforce, approximately 68% of B2B marketers use automated solutions when marketing to other businesses and prospective partners. 

Using a B2B marketing agency in Singapore is one way to ensure your marketing strategy is on point and on track for reaching the goals you have set in place. Working with a B2B marketing agency is highly advisable to maximize your reach and ability to connect with prospective associates and even investors.

At Traffv, we specialize in B2B marketing without sacrificing your brand for the sole purpose to improve rankings. We know what it takes to implement a B2B digital marketing campaign that works, regardless of your current sales funnel setup as well as your target audience.

With our B2B Singapore marketing agency, we will help you with the growth and success of your business in any of today’s hottest industries.

What is a B2B marketing agency?

B2B marketing, commonly referred to as “business to business” marketing, is a method of marketing that involves appealing directly to other relevant businesses, companies, and organizations. A B2B marketing focuses on connecting a service or company with other buyers and brands that are relevant to their own products and services.

A B2B agency works to achieve partnerships and corporate branding solutions that are beneficial to all parties and agencies involved. B2B marketing is optimal for those interested in marketing automation as well as reaching clients and prospective industry associates on a personal level.

B2B marketing agencies cultivate winning digital strategies that include lead generation, real estate, e-commerce, and traditional digital marketing that is optimized with other businesses and brands in mind. With B2B, it is possible to work with your team and the team of an agency to determine the best course of action to reach those who are interested in your products and services.

It is also possible to use various methods to reach investors and those who might be interested in future connections. Use social media to seek out those who have a genuine interest in the type of company you own and operate. With social media along with email and direct marketing, garner information about those you intend to reach and discover the best way to seal the deals you are looking to make.

Using B2B marketing is a way to break free from traditional consumer marketing strategies while providing additional sources of potential income with business to business opportunities. By using B2B, you have the ability to change your entire business model while simultaneously gaining access to opportunities to scale and grow your business at an expedited pace.

What are the four types of B2B markets?

Before launching your next B2B campaign or seeking out a professional B2B agency in the Asia Pacific area, it is important to familiarize yourself with the four types of B2B markets. 

Creating a working digital strategy with your marketing director is much easier once you are familiar with how B2B sales work and how digital campaigns for your company can result in increased sales, even when only working directly with other companies and/or organizations that are relevant to your own. 



The producers in a B2B market create the products or goods that are then resold and distributed among other sects of the industry. Producers in a B2B market that are massive may include Procter & Gamble and even Johnson and Johnson. The larger an entity, the easier it is to mass-produce products and goods that can then be passed down via various means to the consumer and/or user.


Resellers are typically any corporate entity or business that sells goods, both in-person as well as online. Large resellers involved in B2B agreements include Walmart, Costco, and even nationwide shops such as Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. Resellers work directly with producers to obtain goods, typically using a wholesale price depending on the size of the order that is placed. Companies work directly with the producers of items, often lowering the price of products by ordering in bulk for a larger discount.


There are many institutions throughout Singapore and other countries including the US that utilize B2B services to help achieve the growth they are looking for with their brand. Some institutional clients may include charity organizations, non-profit organizations, and other local institutions that are not for profit or are smaller in nature.


The government is the largest type of entity when it comes to B2B, sales, and data. The government purchases thousands of different products on an annual basis. From ordering fax machines, paper, and cookware to requiring additional marketing tools and materials for their own strategy development, government entities are heavily involved with B2B solutions.

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What is the best way for B2B marketing?

When it comes to B2B marketing, determining whether traditional digital marketing, demand generation, lead generation, or even social media marketing is best will depend on your business model and the market you work in and represent. Some B2B strategies work best by connecting prospective partners and leads directly, whereas others work best when combined with a traditional sales funnel and traditional marketing services.

Once you have created a working business plan and model for your brand, you can begin launching strategies that will also provide the data you need for future optimization as well. Collecting data from individual strategies is a way to discover the best methods of communicating with potential associates, purchasers, and even future connections.

Some of the ways to get started with B2B include:

  • Determine the audience and demographics you intend to reach
  • Consider the types of products and services you are selling
  • Calculate wholesale costs as well as the cost of production for your products and/or services
  • Attend networking conferences and events
  • Determine the needs of those in your local community as well as those who are involved with the B2B community near you

Traffv's Approach to B2B Marketing

Traffv specializes in providing a B2B service that not only works, but one that is creative and reaches the right audience. 

Traffv is a digital agency that understands the importance of search SEO as well as B2B marketing in any craft or market today. If you want to improve your search rankings or you wish to create a campaign that provides insightful data, Traffv can help.

Traffv will not only help to take your lead generation and demand generation campaigns to the next level, but they can also assist in the development of content creation, media, and education necessary to reach prospective business associates you target with your B2B solution.

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Traffv not only specializes in delivering top-notch SEO services, but also strive to deliver the best B2B marketing campaigns and strategies available anywhere. Traffv understands how important a B2B campaign is when it comes to reaching out to prospective customers, clients, or even another business you intend to work with in the future.

Whether you have a team of marketers but are looking for assistance to create your next B2B campaign or if you are working as a solo entrepreneur, Traffv can help you with all of the B2B services and campaigns you need. To learn more about the technology and team Traffv has to offer and to begin to develop your own B2B marketing campaign, contact Traffv today!